Destroying thought in order to save it

Now featuring widespread cultural shock and social disorientation

The lone survivor of a doomed expedition
8 January 1977
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Please note that blogging in any form violates my hermit protocol. So: Expect abstraction upon abstraction. Expect riddles. Expect vagueness. Expect pointless questions with baseless answers. Expect anecdotes to trail off without conclusion. Expect run-on sentences, overuse of adjectives, and typographical errors. Expect that I'm not trying to be funny, unless something is funny, in which case I am trying. Expect that "I" means me, except when it doesn't, in which case I'm just making things up, which is entirely possible. Expect no semblance of explanation. Alternatively, expect achingly freakishly crazy long explanations that serve no useful purpose. So do not expect to know me based on what I write, here or elsewhere. I'm probably not talking about you or me anyway.
8-bit universes, absurdly long netflix queues, adjacency to giraffes, adult swim, aggressive passivity, anonymity, astronomy, autumn, baseball, being a hermit, being un-google-able, birdwatching, brown cow yogurt, brown eyes, calvinball, cardigans on other people, cats versus dogs, chai, converse all-stars, cookies without nuts, cranial banshees, crc handbooks, devising tournament formats, dulcinea, exercises in obscurity, fantasy baseball nerdness, faux german, fighting off vicious animals, futurama, geeks, girls who dig sci-fi, glasses, grand unified theory, having my head scratched, headphones, herbal tea, hiding, hopeless romanticism, hr diagrams, hum, human females, introversion, knowing who directed it, knowing who wrote it, koji kondo, librarians, libraries, listening, long walks at night, mad scientists, mario kart, martians go home!, missoula, mst3k, my bed, my bloody valentine, mysterious backgrounds in science, mythbusters, neal stephenson, nintendo, nutritious breakfast pastes, obsolete scientific theories, optional sombreros, out of context philosophy, overestimating your age, overlong videogame .txt files, overusing "ostensibly", perforation, pictures of scientists, placido domingo's floating head, postmodernism, profoundly miscalculated invasions, purveyors of filth, putative death stars, quiet, radical militant librarians, reading all afternoon, red wine, reference books, remembering constellations, remote control eject buttons, robots, roman numerals, rube goldberg machines, science fiction, scratch paper, serendipity factors, shoegazing, social disorientation, socks, soka's cardboard products, stanley kubrick, stratagems, tecmo super bowl, tennis, the triceratops, the venture brothers, they might be giants, unexplained phenomena, ursula k. le guin, vanilla wafers, walking home, wes anderson, widespread cultural shock, writing, writing you back